Seasus goes fully remote as from Thursday 12th March 2020

by Seasus / 13 Mar, 2020 / Published in |

As we brace for the expected increase of COVID-19 infections in Malta in the coming days, we have asked all staff to work from home until further notice.

As from Thursday 12th March 2020, all staff will be going "remote first", limiting office access to strict critical requirements.

We hope that this measure will help play a part in reducing the spread of the virus and lessen its potentially huge burden on the healthcare system. 

For several years now, the majority of Seasus' staff have teleworked on a regular basis. So, whilst this is the first time we have gone fully remote, we do not expect this measure to have any significant impact on our response times or project deadlines.

Should you encounter delays trying to reach us at the office landlines, we kindly ask you to get in touch by email on for general enquiries or via the chat option on this web site. Existing clients should use existing communication channels, with preference to our ticketing system.

We are also cancelling all non-essential trips and external meetings for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your trust in us. Stay happy, healthy, and keep washing your hands!

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