Official Liquorish App Goes Live!

by Seasus / 02 Apr, 2020 / Published in |

The official Liquorish mobile app allows viewers and fans of the award winning TV adventure reality show to vote through this mobile application. The viewers at home are asked to vote on a daily basis (one vote per 24hr) their favourite participant. The participant with the most votes will win the current edition of the show. The eliminated participants will have their vote nullified and cannot win the show.

The mobile app also allows interested persons to apply to participate in the upcoming adventure. Interested people are asked to fill in their details and upload a short video and photo. They will get a confirmation email upon application.

From all the people applying to participate in the upcoming editions, the production team will choose some and upload on the mobile app. Viewers at home can vote in a positive or negative way in order to influence the judges on the final selection process.

Liquorish is aired April till July, every Monday 20:35 on ONE tv – Malta.

The app, first of its kind in Malta is designed and developed inhouse by the Seasus team and is available for download from Google Play and App Store.

Download and get voting!

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