We're at the 8th edition of the MCA eBusiness Awards 2019

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Seasus is a finalist with 2 projects in Best eGovernment Initiative and Excellence, Innovation and Leadership in Cybersecurity categories

We are excited to announce that for the 8th consecutive year, Seasus will be present at the Malta Communications Authority eBusiness Awards. The event will be held on the 19th of June 2019.

In this 8th edition of the event, Seasus has 2 finalist projects:

Plumtri by the Malta Council for Science & Technology in Best eGovernment Initiative Category

The PluMTri portal performs 2 major functions, the first being the showcasing of information, opportunities, programmes, and any news and events related to R&I. The portal’s second function is to allow users to view and connect with other individuals and organisations active in R&I. Users have the opportunity to register as members of PluMTri and upload their profiles based on a standardised template. Maltese individuals and organisations based in Malta as well as abroad can thus identify potential collaborators on studies or projects and simultaneously be identified as potential collaborators by the viewers of the portal. The portal enables users to create an online profile to include the contact information, experience and interests for their areas of specialisation. The advanced profile search functionality then enables other researchers and organisation to locate other individuals or organisation with the expertise required for projects.

Malta Government Notifications Platform by MITA in Excellence, Innovation and Leadership in Information Security Category

Mobile government is considered an essential delivery channel for public services. The Malta Government Notifications Platform is utilised by numerous Government systems as a mobile SMS gateway, and more recently as an email gateway. The platform enables heterogeneous Government systems to integrate with the Government’s notifications platform via APIs, thus centralising the Government’s SMS notifications delivery infrastructure. Such a streamlined approach provides a homogenous structure with significant advantages in terms of cost effectiveness, reliability and manageability.

The platform integrates with mobile operators using the standard SMPP protocol and also with the Government’s email infrastructure via SMTP protocol for message delivery.

The Notifications Platform now processes in excess of 5 million messages every year.

Government entities making use of the Notifications platform are also provided with a comprehensive back end system which allows them to manage and monitor all aspects of operations, from user management to financial reports.

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