We are Finalists at the MCA eBusiness Awards 2016

by Seasus / 20 Dec, 2017 / Published in | |

Seasus' Digital Solution for Aquanì is a finalist in the Best Business-to-Business category in the 6th eBusiness Awards.

The Aquani’ portal was developed by Seasus with the primary objective of providing an online platform through which clients can easily manage their account activities, particularly with the process of re-ordering water and consumables, as well as availing themselves from various package offers.

The platform was developed to work jointly with a sales and delivery management system whereby, through the use of mobile devices, sales and delivery personnel are in real-time communication with headquarters. The system enables for new orders to be dispatched to the delivery team in real time and deliveries are accepted and acknowledged via email immediately upon delivery.

The platform has resulted in substantial benefits both for the customer with an easy to use portal and semi-automated functionality, as well as the business owner, with reduced operational costs and a more efficient service provision process.

We are proud that this integrated solution was selected as a finalist at the 6ths Edition of the Malta Communications Authority eBusiness Awards.

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