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Seasus was a finalist in the MCA eBusiness Awards 2019 in categories Best eGovernment Initiative and Excellence in Cybersecurity

Research and Innovation oriented networking platform was honoured with the Best eGovernment Initiative Award at the 8th edition of the MCA eBusiness Awards. We are greatly appreciative of this achievement, especially considering that Research and Innovation is an area particularly at heart to us.

During the event, Kenneth Bone, Managing Director @ Seasus stated: "We are immensely proud of the Seasus team who delivered impeccably on this project."

The new, award winning PluMTri portal performs 2 major functions, the first being the showcasing of information, opportunities, programmes, and any news and events related to R&I. The portal’s second function is to allow users to view and connect with other individuals and organisations active in R&I. Users have the opportunity to register as members of PluMTri and upload their profiles based on a standardised template. Maltese individuals and organisations based in Malta as well as abroad can thus identify potential collaborators on studies or projects and simultaneously be identified as potential collaborators by the viewers of the portal. The portal enables users to create an online profile that includes their contact information, experience and interests in their areas of specialisation. The advanced profile search functionality then enables other researchers and organisation to locate other individuals or organisation with the expertise required for projects.

This is the second time that Seasus won the coveted Best eGovernment Initiative, having received the award for the first time back in 2013. This puts our experience and expertise squarely at the forefront in the provision of eGovernment services.

Seasus was also a finalist in the newly introduced Excellence, Innovation and Leadership in Information Security category with the Malta Government Notifications Platform by MITA.

We also want to thank the team at the Malta Communications Authority for their dedication, who year on year work tirelessly to organise this fantastic event, which gives all players in the field an important platform for recognition and exposure.

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