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Seasus snaps up Best eCommerce site (B2C) honour at the MCA eBusiness Awards 2015

Seasus made its mark amongst tough competition at the MCA eBusiness Awards for the fifth consecutive year, clutching the award for Best eCommerce site (B2C) through its online solution for Elmo Insurance.The new platform for Elmo Insurance was launched in June 2015 with the aim of providing state-of-the-art ecommerce facilities to its existing and prospective clients. Through the new portal, Elmo ... read more

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Seasus nominated for the MCA eBusiness Awards 2014, for the fourth consecutive year!

Android-Based Menu Management solution for General Soft Drinks makes it to the finals at the MCA eBusiness Awards 2014.

The Menu Management solution in an integrated platform composed of an Android-based app and a back-end system that assist’s the marketing department at GSD in the management of promotional print material at client outlets.GSD sales representatives visit outlets on a regular basis and propose the sponsorship of print material by Coca Cola. Sales reps are provided with an Android app running on a ta ... read more

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mita awards outsourcing contracts worth €2.5m

Mita, the government's IT agency, has awarded contracts worth €2.5m with local companies for maintenance, support and upgrades of some of the government’s ICT systems..

Mita’s executive chairman Tony Sultana explained that the contracts covered software development and operational services on applications managed by Mita.“This is the first time that such services are being requested on such a wide spectrum of business areas that amongst others include statistics, government administration, health, social services, taxation, and funding.”The contracts were awarde ... read more

Monday, 10 November 2014

Seasus gives life to a new app!

Blood Donor app goes live on World Blood Donor Day

Seasus is yet again expanding its Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio by becoming the social media managers of the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) in Malta.This project was strongly desired and initiated by Alison Casha, our Business Development Manager, a regular blood donor. After approaching the NBTS team and reaching a mutual agreement earlier this year, Seasus were appointed o ... read more

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

It’s Diving Time!

Maltaqua’s New Portal is powered by SEASUS

Malta’s leading diving centre MALTAQUA is one of our latest clients and projects.We are proud to power another complex portal integrating a number of websites connected to Malta’s number one diving companies, with services ranging from diving courses to apartment rentals to equipment hire and purchase.All the various services which were previously represented via different websites, are now groupe ... read more

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Incredible ... but true!

Our Donation App helps Charity breaks a record

Whatever it took to make this year's Istrina charity event a success, it worked. Malta's most loved fund-raising marathon held on Boxing Day every year collected a record sum in excess of three million Euros. During the 12 hour televised event, the Maltese population had the opportunity to make a donation via telephone, SMS or by personally handing the donation at Verdala Palace, centre of all act ... read more

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Seasus deploys interactive visitor guide system at Fine Arts Museum

Heritage Malta has chosen the Museum of Fine Arts to trial a new PDA-based visitor guide system to to enhance on-site access to digital cultural heritage, by providing personalised visit recommendations and selecting information based on the visitor's interest profile, thus taking full advantage of the digitised cultural information available.

Technology gives new life to old exhibits

You go into a museum full of beautiful paintings. There are few people there. Footsteps and some murmuring barely break the solemn silence. You stumble on a nice portrait you have never seen before. It arouses your curiosity. There's the name of the artist, the title, and the date and maybe a few lines about the origins of the work of art but nothing else. You will have to remember this meagre information and try to find more information back home on internet.

This has been the experience so far of many a visitor to museums in Malta but this is bound to change. Thanks to the latest information and communication technology, visitors to the Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta will be able to immerse themselves into a new experience. Looking at the painting will just be the first of a series of steps that will lead the visitor to truly appreciate the value of what's on exhibition.

Heritage Malta has chosen the Museum of Fine Arts to trial a new system called Smartmuseum, partly funded by the European Commissions' FP7 programme. The overall objective of the project is to develop ICT solutions for smartphones and PDAs that enhance on-site access to digital cultural heritage, by providing personalised visit recommendations and selecting information based on the visitor's interest profile, thus taking full advantage of the digitised cultural information available.

The Smartmuseum solution takes into account the user's personal interests and visit purposes. The valuable statistical information reflecting user interests is made available for participating museums.

The 600 or so collection objects at the Museum of Fine Arts have been digitised and catalogued. The system is being fine-tuned to allow videos, audio and pictures to be transferred faster from the main Smartmuseum system server to the PDA guide through a WiFi (wireless) system for a better visitor experience. The digital library hosting documents, pictures, audio and videos related to fine arts will eventually be made available online to Europeana EU cultural portal and on the Heritage Malta website.

"The need of such a project emerged in the light of the mission of Heritage Malta to improve accessibility to the National Collection, as stated in the Cultural Heritage Act," explained Noel Zammit, the project coordinator and manager ICT and documentation at Heritage Malta. "This project increases access to information about our cultural heritage by providing an online catalogue of fine arts."

Thanks to this project, Heritage Malta was able to purchase and help develop a customised cataloguing system code named MUSES (developed by Seasus) that has allowed it to catalogue its artifacts at the Fine Arts Museum according to international standards known as the Categories for Descriptions of Works of Art. These standards describe the content of art databases by articulating a conceptual framework for describing and accessing information about works of art, architecture, other material culture, groups and collections of works, and related images.

The technical merits of this project and databases are being undertaken by Projects in Motion Ltd and Seasus Ltd following a public call.

"Having information about the National Museum of Fine Arts collection captured in a digital library is a direct benefit to Malta's heritage," explained Mr Zammit. "Such a digital library allows conservation and restoration interventions to be captured in a database, hence 10 or 20 years down the line when another intervention is required on the artefact, the person in charge of conservation can be equipped with previous intervention information, which is crucial in the conservation decision-making process.

"Another important benefit is that information about fine arts collections is now available to researchers, students and the general public. Heritage Malta sub-contracted a heritage researcher to study the collections at Fine Arts museum. The information researched and generated was captured into this digital library."

Visitors will be given the opportunity to browse this information (text, images, videos and audio) using PDAs provided by the museum. This system enhances the visitor's experience through information dissemination by PDA and also allows the visitor to interact with the artifacts by expressing his/her views on the exhibits.

Visitors can create personal accounts on the system and indicate their personal interests for the visit. The system automatically learns about the users preferences during the visit, and makes relevant content recommendations to improve the experience.

The project posed its own series of challenges, but these were overcome through the effort of both the academic and the technical members of the team.

"Many were the challenges involved in this project, namely, the implementation of an information system adhering to international cultural heritage standards (Getty's CDWA), the content enrichment process which involved the direct input from the senior curator and heritage researcher, the performance of the system with respect to how long the visitor has to wait for information to be displayed on the PDA and, last but not least, the RFID (wireless) chip technology which presented a problem because of the temperature at the museum."

This article by Martin Debattista was featured on the Times of Malta on Thursday 5th November 2009.

The system was also featured on the current affairs television programme Dot EU on 22nd October 2009. Click here to view a streamed on demand video. (the project is featured starting from minute 18)

About Heritage Malta

Smartmuseum is only one of a number of local efforts being undertaken by Heritage Malta in the area of digitisation. Similar efforts include the 3D documentation at the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, funded by the EEA/ Norwegian Financial Mechanisms. The project will see the creation of a 3D digital model of the site recording all its features in high detail, together with extensive monitoring of the environment within the site.

Malta's national authority for heritage conservation is also taking part in other EU initiatives such as the European Digital Library Initiative; Athena, which brings together relevant stakeholders and content owners from all over Europe, to facilitate the inclusion of new digital content into Europeana; and CARARE, a proposal to establish a best practice network to improve the interoperability of digital content relating to Europe's heritage sites with Europeana and possibly other services.

Heritage Malta is also constantly enriching its digital library of over one million digital assets in the form of images, documents and videos related to Malta's National Collection. This is achieved by its documentation and ICT department, using innovative techniques and equipment in the field of digitisation. The department also services the Conservation Division in the field of documentation of conservation and restoration interventions through services such as infrared photography, ultra violet photography and computer aided design technology.

Date Published: Friday, November 05, 2010