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Seasus snaps up Best eCommerce site (B2C) honour at the MCA eBusiness Awards 2015

Seasus made its mark amongst tough competition at the MCA eBusiness Awards for the fifth consecutive year, clutching the award for Best eCommerce site (B2C) through its online solution for Elmo Insurance.The new platform for Elmo Insurance was launched in June 2015 with the aim of providing state-of-the-art ecommerce facilities to its existing and prospective clients. Through the new portal, Elmo ... read more

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Seasus nominated for the MCA eBusiness Awards 2014, for the fourth consecutive year!

Android-Based Menu Management solution for General Soft Drinks makes it to the finals at the MCA eBusiness Awards 2014.

The Menu Management solution in an integrated platform composed of an Android-based app and a back-end system that assist’s the marketing department at GSD in the management of promotional print material at client outlets.GSD sales representatives visit outlets on a regular basis and propose the sponsorship of print material by Coca Cola. Sales reps are provided with an Android app running on a ta ... read more

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mita awards outsourcing contracts worth €2.5m

Mita, the government's IT agency, has awarded contracts worth €2.5m with local companies for maintenance, support and upgrades of some of the government’s ICT systems..

Mita’s executive chairman Tony Sultana explained that the contracts covered software development and operational services on applications managed by Mita.“This is the first time that such services are being requested on such a wide spectrum of business areas that amongst others include statistics, government administration, health, social services, taxation, and funding.”The contracts were awarde ... read more

Monday, 10 November 2014

Seasus gives life to a new app!

Blood Donor app goes live on World Blood Donor Day

Seasus is yet again expanding its Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio by becoming the social media managers of the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) in Malta.This project was strongly desired and initiated by Alison Casha, our Business Development Manager, a regular blood donor. After approaching the NBTS team and reaching a mutual agreement earlier this year, Seasus were appointed o ... read more

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

It’s Diving Time!

Maltaqua’s New Portal is powered by SEASUS

Malta’s leading diving centre MALTAQUA is one of our latest clients and projects.We are proud to power another complex portal integrating a number of websites connected to Malta’s number one diving companies, with services ranging from diving courses to apartment rentals to equipment hire and purchase.All the various services which were previously represented via different websites, are now groupe ... read more

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Incredible ... but true!

Our Donation App helps Charity breaks a record

Whatever it took to make this year's Istrina charity event a success, it worked. Malta's most loved fund-raising marathon held on Boxing Day every year collected a record sum in excess of three million Euros. During the 12 hour televised event, the Maltese population had the opportunity to make a donation via telephone, SMS or by personally handing the donation at Verdala Palace, centre of all act ... read more

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Our History

Founded in 1995 in Malta, we survived Netscape and the Y2K bug to see the web evolve into today's exciting scenario.

Seasus was founded in 1995 to provide creative web development services, when the local ICT industry was still in its infancy, and since then established itself as one of the leading development houses in Malta. 
In 2001, Seasus expanded into the software development field to be able to provide all-inclusive e-business services, with particular focus on web-based applications. 
In 2003, we added the first international clients to our portfolio and have since built a client base from nearly 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Thailand and the United States, amongst others. 
Since 2005, Seasus was appointed to represent Malta in the World Summit Award, a global initiative endorsed by the European Commission and the United Nations for selecting and promoting the World’s best e-Contents. 
At the end of 2005, we expanded our services portfolio to provide comprehensive remote gaming solutions, ranging from mobile-based games and lotteries, to full-fledged, multi-player, high-volume Casino games. 
In 2007, Seasus commenced further investment in the fields of online payment processing, eLearning, mobile devices and VOIP communications, which currently places us as a true one-stop-shop e-Business service provider. 
In 2009, Seasus achieved PCI certification for its Online Payment Gateway operations, providing a formal and widely recognized stamp of approval on the level of security of its applications and day-to-day business operations. 
In early 2010, Seasus commenced on a new service pillar, Corporate Social Media Marketing, being the first in Malta to develop and deploy a full-fledged social game on Facebook, Quizaniac (  
Later in the year, Seasus achieved another first, joining just a handful of developers worldwide to deploy functional business applications on Facebook with the launch of Property Book (  
At the end of 2010, Seasus deployed the Istrina Facebook application (, which enabled Facebook users to make donations to this noble cause. The response to this application was extremely high, with 13,000 group members and over 4000 active users. The application collected nearly Euro14,000 in a span of just 12 hours. The initiative was repeated in December 2012, with over Euro33,000 collected for charity. 
These have been received with great enthusiasm both locally and throughout our client base in Europe and the US. We currently have several other applications and games under development and expect to publish other innovative business services by the end of this year. 
Our work is not limited to Facebook, but extends to several other portals such as Twitter, Foursquare, Google+ and LinkedIn. 
Currently, we boast a portfolio of 16 off-the-shelf applications, ranging from Content Management Systems to Interactive Tourist Guide Systems on Mobile Devices, Social Media Management Tools, Library Management, Student Management, Stock Control, RFID Tagging, Document Management, Travel Services, Real Estate Management and SMS Gateway. 

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