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Seasus to showcase Muses in Helsinki

Participation in the IFLA World Library & Information Congress 2012

Seasus to showcase Muses in Helsinki

Seasus will be launching Muses, one of its core products at the IFLA World Library & Information Congress–78th IFLA General Conference and Assembly in Helsinki. between the 11th and 17th August 2012.IFLA stands for International Federation of Library Associations, and is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users. It is the glo ... read more

Tuesday, 07 August 2012

Seasus deploys interactive visitor guide system at Fine Arts Museum

Seasus deploys interactive visitor guide system at Fine Arts Museum

Heritage Malta has chosen the Museum of Fine Arts to trial a new PDA-based visitor guide system to to enhance on-site access to digital cultural heritage, by providing personalised visit recommendations and selecting information based on the visitor's interest profile, thus taking full advantage of the digitised cultural information available.Technology gives new life to old exhibits You go into a ... read more

Friday, 05 November 2010

MUSES fact sheet

The MUSES Digital Collection Management System fact sheet is available for download in PDF format.

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MUSES Digital Asset Management

Bringing together history and technology at your fingertips

MUSES is a web-based Digital Collection Management System for museums, archives and libraries which provides advanced features and functionality for the cataloguing and online publishing of digitised assets and content. It is specifically designed and developed to improve availability and accessibility of cultural heritage through easy-to-use web-based tools and novel delivery channels such as through mobile devices and social media. 
Cataloguing of content is provided through several metadata standards including CDWA, Dublin Core and MARC. MUSES provides advanced interoperability functionality which allows for easy import of data from heterogeneous data structures and export of data to external sources using metadata mapping to standards such as Z39.50, OAI-PMH and RDF. 
The platform provides exceptionally powerful publishing functionality which enable content providers to feed content in real time to diverse channels, such as web sites, mobile applications and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It is also an ideal tool to enable data harvesting by remote sources such as 
Of particular interest is MUSES’ ability to provide content optimised for mobile devices, such as smart phones (Android or iPhone) and tablets. The platform includes plug-and-play functionality to deploy an Interactive Tourist Guide in Museums, Libraries, exhibitions or other similar locations and events. Traditionally, such tour guides were limited to audio only. However, MUSES extends this experience to include multimedia content such as video, imagery and text.  
The mobile device client allows for the identification of objects using RFID, bar codes or QR codes and can act as stand-alone or stream content via Wi-Fi from a central server to support extensive object collections. With such a wide and innovate array of delivery channels, MUSES transforms organized objects deposited in a digital archive into an educational experience both online and on location, effectively opening the collection drawers of an organisation to the world. 
The MUSES platform is modular and customizable to the specific needs of different types of organisations, ranging small archives to large museums, each with its own objectives, content types and interpretation of data and audience.  
High Level Functionality Overview 
  • Collection Information Management
  • Asset Exhibition or Storage Location Management
  • Artist / Author Management
  • Asset Multimedia Content Management (video, audio, images, digital documents and web resources)
  • Contacts Management (suppliers, services providers, donors, visitors)
  • Restoration Process Management
  • Exhibition and Event Management
  • Referential Data Management
  • Advanced Search Functionality
  • User Permission Management, Activity Logging and Auditing
  • Powerful Data Importing and Exporting Functionality
  • Real-Time connectivity via Web Services
  • Advanced Activity and Asset Status Reporting
  • Standard support for data harvesting
  • Plug-and-Play Interactive Multimedia Tour Guide, available on location via mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets, or online
  • Customisable, real-time publishing onto web sites and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

Video: MUSES Installation at the Museum of Fine Arts in Malta

Video: Application of MUSES Platform for the RFID-Based SmartMuseum Project