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Seasus nominated for the MCA eBusiness Awards 2014, for the fourth consecutive year!

Android-Based Menu Management solution for General Soft Drinks makes it to the finals at the MCA eBusiness Awards 2014.

Seasus nominated for the MCA eBusiness Awards 2014, for the fourth consecutive year!

The Menu Management solution in an integrated platform composed of an Android-based app and a back-end system that assist’s the marketing department at GSD in the management of promotional print material at client outlets.GSD sales representatives visit outlets on a regular basis and propose the sponsorship of print material by Coca Cola. Sales reps are provided with an Android app running on a ta ... read more

Thursday, 20 November 2014

We're Swatch-ing

Seasus develops an iPad App for the Giant Watch Brand

We're Swatch-ing

For several years now, Malta hosts an annual event which has become a must on our national calendar - the Isle of MTV Concert.This year 2012, local importers of the famous watch brand SWATCH organised a very original marketing promotion, taking it to the Isle of MTV where thousands of young people awaiting the concert could be reached. Seasus were appointed developers of an app designed for iPad - ... read more

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

PECOM deploys BlueFile Pest Control Management System

This system, developed by Seasus, provides pest monitoring units, software and handheld solutions for large and medium-sized, pest management companies or directly to the food and pharmaceuticals industry.These units and solutions are completely wireless and connect to a central server that is web-based and enables anywhere, anytime access. Units integrate seamlessly with Blue File, PECO's enterpr ... read more

Wednesday, 01 December 2010

Mobile Based Gaming

Location enabled, multiplayer, interactive games on smart phones and tablets

In recent years, games for mobile devices such as smart phones have gained popularity for providing personal entertainment on the go. This increasing popularity has mobile gaming playing a pivotal role in revenue generation for the cellular carriers, game publishers, remote gaming operators and handset makers . 
With the number of mobile gamers around the world expected to reach 400 million by 2010, the mobile gaming business is projected to expand to higher levels and constitute a bigger profit share, particularly for gaming operators.  
We provide game development for mobile devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad, ranging from offline, stand-alone games to web-enabled, multi-player Casino games such as Poker. Web-enabled mobile-based games can also be integrated with standard web-based systems, allowing players from mobile devices and computer to seamlessly interact over the same platform in real time.  
Location-based Gaming  
The relatively recent introduction of positioning functionality such as GPS on mobile phones paved the way for location based, or location-enabled gaming where game play is somewhat related to the player's location, or the position of players relative to each other.  
Also referred to as 'Urban gaming' or 'Street Games', they are typically multi-player games played out on city streets and built up urban environments using GPS technology or cellular network for positioning.